Welcome to Alkoomie Station

The Alkoomie mountain top retreat has temporarily CLOSED to visitors.

After many years of opening their home to visitors Merilyn and Allan Holmes have decided to retire and sell Alkoomie. The new owner is the South Endeavour Trust.

South Endeavour is developing plans for a relaunch of Alkoomie as an Eco-resort with a strong emphasis on nature based tourism and sharing with visitors the diverse and wonderful environments of Alkoomie.

In particular, South Endeavour is focussing on providing a new and unique eco-tourist experience based on Alkoomie's spectacular Melody Rocks limestone karst area with its dramatic limestone pinnacles, numerous caves and unique and endangered fauna and flora.

Unfortunately, it may take some time to bring this project to fruition. While the planning phase is well underway, it will require substantial capital investment. However, the longer term security of such an investment is very uncertain at the current time because the Queensland government is considering issuing a mining lease over the limestone area. If this was to happen, it would render any tourism investment uneconomic as the wilderness values of the cave system are a major part of its appeal.

Please watch this space for further developments